Breaking Point “Life Sentence”
Posted 09/13/12 10:39 am by Matt Ledger • 3,639 Views
Breaking Point "Life Sentence"

It’s an incredible time to be a fan of straight edge hardcore. Every state and province seems to have a scene springing up in basements and halls across North America, and A quick Google search opens you up to three or four bands playing less than a town away. The one question many of us neglect to ask however is “What’s happening on the other side of the pond?” I’ll give you the answer in two words: Breaking Point.

Hailing from the South Coast of England, Breaking Point is a five-piece juggernaut of clean-living fury. This month sees the release of the band’s 3rd 7″ on Purgatory Records, aptly titled Life Sentence.  Clocking in at a tight eight and half minutes, Life Sentence offers up four tracks of metal-infused hardcore that had my head rocking back and forth instantly.

From the opening riff of “No Good Deed (Goes Unpunished)” to the closing cymbal crash on “Overshadowed,” there is nothing disappointing to be found. Musically the band builds on there already established sound of caustic, chugging guitars with a incredibly tight rhythm section. I was particularly impressed with the vocal performance this time out.  With out the right level of thought and conviction in a singer’s voice, the subject matter can come off overly preachy and ultimately insincere.  This is not the case with Breaking Point, who at times offer a guttural bark so intense it made my throat raw just thinking about it. Think Scott Vogel of Terror with the volume set to 11 and you’ll get the idea.

All in all, Life Sentence is yet another solid release for Breaking Point. If you dug their split with Wiretap or the Judgement EP, you will not be disappointed. I, for one, am hoping they make it to North America soon!